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    Inland Gateway Toastmasters Club #4017109

    District 12 Division E Toastmasters

    We meet every 1st & 3rd Friday at 9:00 am. Grow your speaking and leadership skills 2 to 4 times faster with Toastmaster in a FUN, supportive, environment. Benefit by networking with members of the mortgage and real estate industry. Open to...

    Our November Meetup is a Chapter Ride to the International Motorcycle Show

    Riverside, CA Chapter 345 STAR Touring & Riding Organization

    We are attending Saturday, November 17th. NOTE: This is the 3RD Saturday in November. We are meeting at 8:00AM and kick stands up at 8:30AM. If this is your first time riding with us, please have your up to date insurance, and please come with a...

    Free yoga in the park!

    Corona Yoga Meetup

    Find us to start your weekend off with a amazing yoga and meditation class in the beautiful park. Meet awesome community members and have a great time.

  • Many credit unions offer tempting mortgage deals

                Want to buy your first home with little or nothing down and maybe get a refund on part of your realty agent’s commission? Here’s one way: Consider joining a credit union that is aggressively expanding its mortgage business. Credit unions have been increasing their presence in housing — more […]


    HELOCs Alternative

    WASHINGTON — So you’ve watched your home equity holdings grow steadily since the end of the recession, and now you want to tap into that wealth to fund a remodeling, college tuition or some other worthy but cash-consuming project? Join the crowd. Home equity lines of credit, by far the most popular way to turn […]


    Don’t skip earthquake insurance

                  Question: I’m on the board at our common interest development with about twelve townhouse units. We’re built on bedrock, so the management company says the attorney said we don’t need homeowner association earthquake insurance. And if something ever did happen, well, he says, “That’s what FEMA is for.” […]


    Bank of America Might Be Your New Landlord

                by RE-Insideron March 28, 2012 One of the nation’s largest banks is trying something new to help break the foreclosure stranglehold and see if they can help get homeowners out from under their mortgages and drive home prices back up. Last week, Bank of America announced a new program […]


    Why Have Some Agents Gone Numb?

    This week we got a very powerful email from one of our readers. It was a list of questionable practices some agents, specializing in REO, are using at the expense of others. The following email is rich with information. Please take a read and let us know what you’ve seen. At RE-Insider, we believe that […]


    The Risk of Complacency

    A host of tools and resources is being assembled to help you stay safe on the job. March 2015 | By Chris Polychron           After the murder of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter last fall, safety immediately became a top issue for all of us. Beverly’s death was devastating for me. Arkansas […]


    Leased solar panels can complicate — or kill — a home sale

                Nationwide, residential solar installations are booming, up by 50% per year since 2012. But leased panels can cause problems when it’s time to sell a home. (Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times) Can going green by leasing solar panels for your roof cost you money — or give you […]


    New York Fed: Household debt, student loan delinquencies climb

    A New York Federal Reserve study showed that student loan delinquencies rose to worrisome levels in the fourth quarter. (Jupiterimages / Getty Images) By Dean Starkman contact the reporter Americans increased their borrowing in the final three months last year and, in a worrisome note, are struggling more with auto and student loans, according to […]


    Southern California home sales down, prices flat

    By Tim Logan – LA Times Southern California’s housing market got off to a slow start for the year in January, with sales down and prices treading water. That’s according to new figures out Tuesday from CoreLogic DataQuick. They found that the number of homes sold in the six-county Southland dipped 6.3% compared to January […]


    The Mortgage Plan Banks Don’t Want You To Know

                    When homeowners visit The Easy Loan Site™ official website, they may be shocked to know that they qualify for a plan that offers them ridiculously low interest rates. This little-known, brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could help millions of Americans. By refinancing […]